First Post!

Hello everyone! My name is Emily and welcome to Sweet, Salty, Snarky. I started this because I love food, taking pictures of food, and talking about food. I wanted to create a space where I could share photos and videos of my food journeys. I didn’t want to just be another recipe blog on the internet. I want to share experiences, moments, and feelings.

Food isn’t all pretty Instagram photos and filters, expensive restaurants and fancy cocktails, even if that is fun to do. I believe food is meant to be experienced, captured, and savored. For me, a meal is about enjoying everything that goes into it, from the ingredients, the presentation, the taste to the atmosphere, and the people you’re sharing it with. That doesn’t mean every plate has to look like it came out of 5-star restaurant (I eat junk food just like everyone else). My point is that food is a communal thing, and I aim to share with it with as many people as possible in a visual way with my snarky comments being stuck in along the way.

So, I will be focusing more on the before, during, and after of a meal. I’ll be posting pictures of my food before I even think of touching it, discussing how it tastes and what it’s like, and posting pictures of what my plate looks like after. I won’t necessarily be posting recipes, but that doesn’t mean I won’t post them either. I’m not going to narrow myself down just yet. I hope to include a variety of posts and including pictures, recipes, and even videos covering a wide range of topics.

I want to start off with this introductory video. Check out the link below for the video, and I’m sorry if you have to copy and paste the link for it to work. I’m not the most tech-savvy person out there. That also means that my video quality may not be the best, and I actually chose not to edit any of my goofs out of it because I want to be as genuine as possible, and what you see in the video is who I am. I am sorry for the poor quality though.

In the video I talk about what I plan on doing with this blog, and I taste test the April box of my Candy Club subscription. I say it in the video but I’ll say it again here, I paid for my subscription to Candy Club myself, using my own money. Candy Club was not given to me by anyone or by the company. (But I wouldn’t fight anyone who wanted to get me any sort of subscription box.)

Feel free to ask me any questions or make comments, suggestions, whatever. I’m open to new ideas and am excited to start this adventure! Happy eating.


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