Candy Club, May 2017 (And I’m sorry for being away!)

Hey guys! It has been too long, and I want to say I’m so sorry! Life got crazy and hectic. I was switched over to 3rd shift at my job, and on top of trying to adjust to the new schedule, we are in the final days before my boyfriend’s sister gets married! So between the new shift, trying to make final prep and plans for the wedding, and packing for our drive back to Indiana, it’s been a long month.

So, to make up for absence, I am bringing you not one, but TWO videos in this post. As promised, I am doing a taste test of the May 2017 Candy Club box (disclosure: I was not gifted this, I purchased it with my own money), and did I have fun with this month’s. It’s bright, colorful, and just full of spring flavors. It is a long video, but I go over my ideas for the future of my blog (stay tuned for another post about that), I unveil a new feature I’m thinking about implementing for the future, and I go through the whole box with distractions abound.

I could edit the video to make it shorter, but I feel like if I did that I wouldn’t be true to myself or the candy and then you all would be missing out on the full experience with me. So, hang in there, because I promise that if you watch the whole thing, it will be worth it. And hopefully, I was able to entertain you for at least part of the time.

Check out this link for the candy:

Also, to make up for my absence, and if you’re still with me so far, I have also included a quick video I recorded a few weeks ago when I received my first package from Frostbeard Studios. They are a candle company in Minnesota that specializes in fantasy/book themed soy candles. I love their products, and decided to spend my own money to order some of their candles. I did a short and sweet unboxing video when the candles arrived, and it is nothing but ridiculous, and I hope it makes you laugh. Sorry for the weird angle in this video, but it was literally a one and done. So, enjoy!

Check out this link for the candles:

And if you’re interested in checking out either of these sites on your own here on their links!
Candy Club:
Frostbeard Studio:

Stay sweet, stay snarky.


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