If you’re looking at this page you’ve stumbled here by accident, or you actually want to know a little bit more about me. I’m going to hope it’s the second one.

I’m a 23 year old recent college grad and I just moved to Pennsylvania with my boyfriend and his 4 year old son. I have a degree in Public Health, and I just started a new job in February at a local hospital as a Medical Data Consultant. I help nurses and physicians use a program for electronic health records for accurate patient care. It’s kind of hard to explain on here.

Aside from food, I love books, coffee, wine, and spending time with family and friends. Books are a real passion, and I usually have at least 2 books on me at all times. Nothing makes me happier than a great meal, good drinks, and an amazing book after a long day. When I have the time I also enjoy running/jogging and yoga.

My boyfriend and his child, who I refer to as my son, make my world a happier place. Our little family of 3 is completed with the addition of our cat, Washington, who we found shortly after moving to PA.

Happy eating.